Friday, May 2, 2008

BBQ in Baltimore

Had an early AM shoot in Baltimore today that wrapped just in time for lunch. Driving back through the city the wafting scents of various frying foods got my stomach growling. Started thinking about something fried, something crab, on a bun with lots of hot sauce. Feeling the urge I headed over to Cross Street Market for a Soft Shell Crab Sandwich or two. Although, upon entering the market all visions of Soft Shells evaporated as I noticed Paula at Smoke BBQ and Grill slicing Brisket and getting ready to pull freshly smoked racks of ribs from her smoker. While waiting for the Ribs to finish Paula offered me some brisket and I knew I need walk no further. Now, I don't know if it's because I was hungry, or because I was feeling especially good, or if Paula sprinkles some magic dust in her rub, but I must say these ribs were some of the best I can remember having east of Memphis. Paula has three home made sauces, I took my sauce on the side and I'm glad I did. These ribs were big, meaty, juicy, perfectly seasoned, and smoked to perfection. They didn't need no stinking sauce. I was still licking my fingers as I headed back down 95. Thanks Paula! Paula Readies my Ribs


Al Romas said...

I'll take one of those oversized plastic cups of Bud and a lot of what Paula is carving up. Looks awesome!

Randy Santos said...

Next time you're up here doing a show at Wisecrackers or Snickerdoodles I'll take you over there. Afterewards we will head over to Fells Point like back in the day.