Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Beautiful Day to Rock

We played another party this past weekend. A good time was had by all, especially since the host provided us with our own personal quarter keg. To ratchet up the jam factor another notch we invited the incomparable Stevie Ray Van Nostrand to participate in the festivities (SRVN in the last photo). My friend Mike Olliver was kind enough to stop by with his very large camera and provide us with some photos. All Photos by Mike Olliver (click images to see larger)


Dave Santos said...


You forgot to mention all those good vibes Paige and I brought along. I'm sure they somehow enabled you to take your playing to the next level, right?

It was a great night. Thanks for letting us tag along.


PS: I think that's Professor SR Van Nostrand?

Randy Santos said...

You are right- you and Paige brought a lot of invaluable positive energy that certainly contributed to our performance. We are all about absorbing the positive waves and spreading the love. Next time throw money at us- that works even better!
A couple of Ben Franklins spread around our feet really inspires us to shoot to the next level.