Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a Carnival out There

Haven't posted for a little while, been busy stuffing all my money into coffee cans and burying in the backyard. Think the Govt will ever offer a bailout to those of us that manage our debt and pay our bills on time? I know, that's crazy talk. Took my son James the other night to the Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department Carnival. I don't mind throwing a little money around there. It's their biggest fundraiser for the year and all for a good cause. (click images to see larger)


Dave Santos said...

They have a Zipper??? I'm there!

Marlene said...

Mr. Santos,

I read your blog entry about the Burtonsville Volunteer Fire Department Carnival. My husband is a volunteer EMT at BVFD and our family is heavily entrenched in the Burtonsville community... three kids at three different public schools, PTAs, BVFD, community sports and other activities. The Carnival is just a less-than-pinky-extended event for some folks, but it is BVFD's biggest annual fundraiser. Thank you for recognizing its importance in the capacity of the fire and rescue folks to supply state-of-the-art equipment for our community and gear for our rescuers.

By the way, I am very impressed with your photography talent!

Marlene Newman