Friday, June 19, 2009

Bathed in the Glow

Last Thursday I had a full day to myself. Val was chaperoning a field trip with James to Philadelphia, Jay was in school, and Brady was working. Left to my own devices, I do what I usually do, took off work and enjoyed a glorious day outside, around the old homestead. I finished planting my Father's Day present, a beautiful Redwood, worked in my garden, watched the clouds drift by, and in general enjoyed the quiet solitude walking my wonderful little corner of this Earth. (click images to enlarge)Fortunately the entire day fell between our endless series of morning/afternoon thunderstorms. The light was amazing. Bathed in that incredible glow you only get pre-severe thunderstorm I couldn't resist a few shots with my G-9 as I went about my day.


Stretch Ledford said...

Hi, Randy.

Just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how wonderful I think your images are. Frankly, seeing them now makes me sorry that I've not searched them out and enjoyed them before. Thanks for taking time to come up and say "Hi" during the SAA event last night. I spoke with some colleagues today, and passed along the word that your contributions to the program were among the most valuable of the evening. You certainly were one of the most fun to listen to! Here's to ya, mate!

Randy Santos said...

Thanks Stretch! I really appreciate your comment! I'm not much of a public speaker and was really nervous. Actually, talking with you prior to speaking really helped me loosen up.

You're my kind of people. You also seem to not take yourself, or life to seriously but are serious about your work.

I'll be happy to share with you any of that info we discussed when I get back in town in a week or so.


BTW- Stretch is an awesome photographer with a unique vision that I really enjoy. Check out his work here, you'll be glad you did: