Thursday, June 11, 2009

Saturday Morning Part II

My friend Keith's comments (one of my 7 readers) on the previous post got me thinking. On my little Saturday Morning Walking the Earth strolls I take so many photos, most of which I never show here. I just do a quick edit of whatever I find interesting and throw them up. Lucky for me my brain is just wired differently than most regular folks. I literally see everything around me in terms of shapes, patterns, color, and light. With my trusty G-9, I'm simply capturing what I see, to share my vision of how I observe the wonderful World around me. It's like good healthy food for my constantly swirling brain. Hopefully this inspires others to slow down and look around.
(click images to enlarge)
So, my point is, with Keith's comment, having actually inspired someone, inspired me to go back and review what I shot Saturday morning, a group of well over 100 images. I quickly selected a few more that made me smile. Images that didn't make the first cut but upon review seem worthy of sharing. They may be good, they may be bad, I don't know, But for me that's not the point, it's just what I do, Thank God. And btw, thanks Mom (one of my other 7 readers) for my over-stimulated hyperactive brain. You are beautiful and I Love You!

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Keith Barraclough said...

I like seeing round two. Really like these as well!
I'm in Vermont right now for the week and am planning on taking my "trusty" G9 with me everywhere.
I'll share some on my blog at the end of the week.