Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Connecticut Ave, NW  Washington DC   iPhone

Haven't posted here much in quite a while - mainly because I woke up one morning and my trusty little G-9 had died in it's sleep.  It was a sad day.  I replaced it with a new G11 - but for whatever reason never felt the Love with it as I had for the G9.  It could also be that a new girl had come to town - my sexy little iPhone Camera.  It has now become my #1 favorite Camera - because I always have it with me.  Take a look at piece on the PhotoShelter Blog.  I have certainly been Walking the Earth and taking Photos - that's what I do - But been sharing the images on Facebook- but am now bored with it  - and realize that by now everyone has probably hidden me anyway because they're tired of seeing my images everyday.  Like all obsessive artists I need an outlet for creative expression - so I'm back to this little Blog

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