Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Details: Part Deux

With regards to the project mentioned on the previous post. The client's feedback on image selection was that some images provided would be suitable. But, more images were needed specific to to Leesburg, VA in order to complete this project. When I get these projects I want the entire project to consist of my images. Considering the size of this project, and that I knew any additional new images created would have future value, I decided on Friday to drive out to Leesburg and see what I could come up with just for fun.

I basically shot from 11am-2pm. It was a beautiful day but incredibly fridgely cold, like 12 degrees. A little tough for me to get the old creative juices flowing when my brain is frozen solid but I tried. Here's a few I like. If interested you can view a gallery of many more images here: Leesburg Gallery. It was worth the effort, many of these images will generate imcome in the future.

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