Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Got Passion?

Just read what I thought was a great post by Ed McCulloch over at The Business of Photography regarding passion.

Can you imagine how different the world would be if everyone pursued their passion in life?

Would your experiences from day to day change?

Would the cashier at your local grocery store give you attitude? What about your auto repairman, would he be running an honest company based on integrity and morals? And what about your accountant, are they doing it for the money or because they love working with numbers?

When you run across people who really love what they do it’s extremely evident. They have enthusiasm and they’re full of life, they offer valuable opinions and help steer you down the right path. There’s a whole lot to be learned from people who pursue their passion in life.

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riswest said...

Hey Randy,
I was reading your blog, wow. Great idea. But of course you are the master of ideas :). I mean that. Cable is mentoring a high school kid in the country.
I've been putting my two cents in now and then. I have given her books and suggested readings. She won a couple of ribbons in the county fair for her photography. She's just starting and doing pretty well. After I found your blog, I sent her an email with links to your sites. I told her what a great photographer you are. And the reason for this is because among other things, you shoot constantly. And it shows. I am blown away by the stock stuff you offer. I told her you are a photographer's photographer. And I truly mean that. I look at your stuff, and being a "professional photographer"
( getting paid to shoot that is) I am still impressed with the quality of your work. Your vision is so clean. Even ordinary pedestrian subject matter takes on new meaning.
I hope you keep your stride.
Pam Risdon