Saturday, January 12, 2008

More of Everything

I am constantly creating images. Either making new ones or working on existing material. I shoot so much for myself that I am literally overwhelmed with the amount of material I generate. I realize quanitity does not equal quality and don't fool myself into thinking everything I produce is so wonderfully fantastic. That's not the point for me. For me it's the drive to be creative and productive. My mind is always whirling, for me this is a good thing.

I just this morning was cleaning off my desktop of misc folders and came accross a folder of images I had forgotten about. A few weeks back I woke up to a beautiful foggy morning. Decided to take a walk and see what I could see. I ended up with a whole bunch of wonderful images. Many that I am really happy with and would have otherwise never seen had I not decided to go for a walk. I'll include one here, this is the first image I took, basically the view from my office window. The other image is the post card I sent out that day.
Another example of how I fall behind in getting images out. I just this week got around to preparing and uploading to my stock site a group of images I shot one weekend in late October. I made a mini gallery of this new group to share with a client regarding a potential new project. All of these shot over a long weekend at Deep Creek Lake before 9am.

The gallery includes some images from the previous post.
Click past those, 170 or so images in this gallery.

See gallery here:
New Deep Creek Lake Images

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