Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Say Hello to my Little Friend

Last week I bought a new camera, a Canon G9, and I love this little thing. I've been wanting a small high quality take anywhere camera for a long time. Certain features like manual control of aperture and shutter speed, variable ASA, shooting RAW, I thought were just not available with anything but professional level cameras. I still have quite a bit of Leica M gear, haven't used it for real in ages now, but am to sentimentally attached to sell any of it. I thought my only option was to get an M8 but just couldn't bring myself to part with the 5K for a camera I thought wasn't all it should be.

I'm not Mr. Equipment and didn't even know this camera existed until Keith Barraclough turned me on to it. I am so glad he did. This is one high quality, well constructed/designed, sophisticated little camera. I received it just before the weekend and started shooting with it right away. Haven't read the instructions yet so I'm not even sure of all it's capabilities. I thought I was shooting RAW/jpeg but evidently was just shooting jpeg so I guess now the weekend's over it's time to read the instructions.

I wanted a camera I could take anywhere and just shoot random images As I Walk the Earth. Here are some images just for fun from over the weekend. I like to shoot available light so many of these are at high ASA. My only disappointment is that it seems a bit noisy at 1600.
Click any image to see it larger if interested.

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