Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Lightroom: My new Best Friend

I love Lightroom. In fact the more I use and understand it the more I love it. Everything I shoot now goes through Lightroom. For me, all final images are still worked on in Photoshop but all now begin their lives in Lightroom. The interface is well designed and so very intuitive, I can see ( just as in Photoshop) spending years wrapping my head around how deep this program is. But this is a good thing and one reason why I like it.

When I first started using Lightroom over the Summer I found this book, Lightroom Adventure, very helpful in understanding the utility and scope of this program. With Lightroom the image processing alone is fantastic but also creating presets, wonderful web galleries, keywording, appending metadata, cataloging and more. There is so much more and will only grow as creatives embrace this program. One example, here is an independently produced module, Slideshowpro, which allows you to highly customize Lightroom galleries. Also, an interesting blog, Lightroom Killer Tips, with lots of good info. I pulled a few presets from this site and occassionally use them. Below are a few images from a recent shoot one morning that I have been working on today. For this project I wanted a vintage feel so I utilized a few Lightroom presets:

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