Friday, March 7, 2008

Writing unlocks your Mind

This guy Scott over at Hello My Name is Scott is one motivated smart self promoter. I like his blog and overall message, always positive. His material doesn't pertain to photography business necessarily but general business behaviour and attitudes. I like his post today because I was just talking about "writing" with Renee and Keith, two of my fellow APA/DC ADD friends about this very subject. When this topic comes up I always express almost exactly what is written in this post, but I'm sure no one listens. Instead I am looked upon with amused grins. Similar to how you smile when entertained as you watch the chimps in the zoo.

Writing not only helps you in business as mentioned below but the act of writing itself helps creative minds unlock further creativity and motivation. It's true, for visually oriented people, writing on any regular basis boosts creativity. I sure wish I could write more better. If I were tested, my writing skills would probably approach the 4th grade level. But having no ability never stopped me from trying anything. BTW- this guy Scott had a name badge tattooed on his chest, the same kind of name badge you would wear if you went to a convention. That's taking it to a whole new level. Oh here's his post on writing:

The more you write, the more material you have for your blog.
The more you blog, the more people will link to you.
The more people link to you, the greater your web presence becomes.
The greater your web presence becomes, the larger your WOM asset grows.
The larger your WOM asset grows, the more Google likes you.
The more Google likes you, the better your organic search rankings become.
The better your organic search rankings, the more mindshare you can create.
The more mindshare you create, the more you become That Guy.
The more you become That Guy; the more customers come to YOU pre-qualified.
The more customers that come to you pre-qualified, the lower your average sales cycle.
The lower your average sales cycle, the lower your marketing and client acquisition costs.
The lower your marketing and client acquisition costs, the more profit you can turn.

Writing is the basis of all wealth.

What did you write today?


hellomynameisscott said...

Thanks for the link love!

Keep those sweet pics comin'


Al Romas said...

I wrote a joke about Sally Field today. Basically I have grown weary of her talking about her 'one body' and soft bones. It goes on from there...