Thursday, April 24, 2008

Simple is Beautiful

Playing guitar relaxes my mind (and my overstimulated hyperactive brain needs relaxation). I am fortunate that over the years I have acquired a few truly great guitars. Guitars that inspire me to play and playing keeps my creative juices flowing. Here's one I was playing last night, my 1955 Les Paul JR, feeling the love and feeling inspired. If you're not familiar, a Les Paul JR is one hot P-90 pick-up with a wrap-around tailpiece bolted to a slab of mahogany. There is no set-up more basic. I took this last night, just with available room light, to illustrate the beauty of it's simplicity.Speaking of Creativity, I read this morning on John Harrington's Blog what I thought to be a great quote:

"If, by some strange convergence of the force, you have been able to combine your creative talents with a level of business acumen necessary to sustain it, do not forget about that creativity. That tap is a well from which you can always draw. Yet, to leave those well waters stagnant, is to neglect your sustaining abilities. The more you draw from that well, the more clear, and refreshing it will be. If you neglect to think yourself, and use other people's ideas for great imagery, giving them utterance only, you will fall far short of your own abilities, and what you are capable of."
~adapted from George Augustus Sala (1828 - 1895), Journalist

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Al Romas said...

Getting hammered, smoking a stogie and watching you and a bunch of dudes play guitar in a basement relaxes my mind.