Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cirrus Clouds are Happy Clouds

Had another APA/DC Board meeting yesterday at Renee's Studio in Georgetown during a beautifully picture perfect afternoon in Washington DC. Unfortunately I didn't have time for a proper pre-meeting stroll with my G-9 as planned but did have a chance to enjoy a wonderful display of passing Cirrus Uncinus. Here's a few (click images to enlarge):After our meeting, during a spectacular sunset, Renee took me and Michael to her rooftop. I love rooftops, always gives you a different perspective of the world around you. Just like the ultra photo geeks we are, we scurried around the rooftop with our cameras, taking photos and taking photos of each other taking photos. Having a passion for what you enjoy in life is a good thing. I enjoy spending time with those who share that passion.

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