Tuesday, January 13, 2009

24 Hours in NYC

Had a chance last week to do one thing I always enjoy, a 24 hour run to NYC. I love New York, for me it's like the center of the Universe. I just love the city, the people, the food, the over-stimulation, the mass humanity of it all. I was lucky to head up with two of my bestest photographer friends Keith and Renee to meet with our new APA National President Theresa. Didn't get a chance to take many photos due to our action packed high-level executive type schedule. Also it was cold, I mean really cold, like sub-arctic cold. It was as if some hellish Nor'easter was blasting through the canyons of the city. But, we accomplished our mission, met some friends, and made some new friends. Sure wish I could do that more often, I had a thoroughly good time. But, it's always good to land back here at my happy home. Visiting other cities just reminds me of how good I have it here in my little world. (click images to enlarge)