Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!

I took off for the Holidays and allowed myself the opportunity to not think one ounce of work related things. I have to do this from time to time and always come out on the other end feeling re-energized, with a renewed sense of enthusiasm towards my work and all things around me. Having somewhat cleared my ever spinning hyperactive mind, feeling as fresh as a newborn baby, I start this New Year full of good thoughts and optimism towards the year ahead. I wish everyone happiness and success in whatever the coming year may bring.I started this blog exactly 1 year ago. I may post irregularly and have a total readership of 7 but I've really enjoyed having this available as an additional vehicle for my own creative self expression. For me that's the whole purpose. I would encourage anyone so inclined to do the same. Anytime you put effort towards further developing your interests and improving your ability brings about little pieces of fulfillment. Like little pieces of a pie they all add up to make one big beautiful pie, like a nice warm pumpkin pie, with whipped cream, for breakfast. I may write silly things, post random photos, and very few may actually see my posts, but having this in place further motivates me to remain creative and productive. I have a very simple formula: Creative + Productive = Happy/Successful.


Anonymous said...


As one of your seven readers, I just wanted to say I've really enjoyed it - in fact, I look forward to it.

BTW - awesome pumpkin butter!!


Randy Santos said...

Thanks Paige!

I must say, that of my 7 readers you definitely rank among my top 5 favorites.

Glad you liked my pumpkin butter. The secret ingredient is two extra big scoops of love.

How about my Nuts?!


Al Romas said...

Am I included in the Magnificent Seven, or just an outsidera, trolling about?