Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chincoteague by Scooter

Having returned from another wonderful vacation at Chincoteague / Assateague Island I am overwhelmed with images to edit through and process. As always I get up with the Sun and head out into the beautiful early morning light and make images to add to my stock image collection of Assateague / Chincoteague. Usually I am doing this in my truck with all my big fancy Canon EOS gear, but this year I took a different approach. Brady had rented a scooter for the week and as a change of pace I decided instead to scooter around the island a few mornings, with only my little Canon g-9 in my shirt pocket. Free of big lenses and camera bodies, traveling lite, in the open air, really altered my perspective on the World I saw around me, which is exactly what I was looking for. Sticking mostly to town, I cruised in and out of the little nooks and crannies I typically wouldn't have taken notice of. So many wonderful things to see in the morning light. Here are just a few of so many images made during my little morning scooter rides. (click images to enlarge )
BTW- below is what someone's leg might look like if they were stupid enough t0 fly off a scooter tearing down a gravel road at almost 40mph wearing only shorts and no shoes.


Dave said...

yeee haaaw. I'm a gonna build me a weathervane out a trash can.

FAQ Video said...

Hello Randy. Besides that I love your pictures - practical question - do you use the G9 photos for your High Resolution stock collection?

Randy Santos said...

I do include some of my G-9 images with my stock collection and have in fact licensed quite a few of them. I don't necessarily take my g-9 to create stock images but will certainly use some of the images shot with the g-9 I feel may have value. Also, I have created many, many, useful images with my g-9 that I wouldn't have created without having it with me. It's all time of day and being there.