Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Autumn Weekend

Had a chance to get up to Deep Creek Lake with my family before the spectacular display of Autumn Glory radiance faded away. It was a little past peak color, and as usual the weather didn't fully cooperate, but when conditions are favorable it's almost effortless to make good images up there. It's just a matter of being there, Walking the Earth, and seeing the wondrous World around you. Point your camera in any direction and shoot, you can't go wrong. I made so many images, I can't help it. Now that Winter is upon us, and Fall is but a memory, it's nice to edit through these. Here are a few from a huge group of images. You can see more in my Scenic Maryland stock collection if interested. (click images below to enlarge)

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Paula Thomas said...

Wow, your photography is magnificent. As a native of Western Maryland, I love it when others get to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us every day.