Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Everyone is talking about Change. Change is good. I like change. In fact every few years I get the urge to change my work and direction. This is a good thing, for me at least.

I'm in one of those transmorphic phases now. I'm creating a new LiveBooks Website and am having a little trouble deciding on images to include. I put images up and take most of them down, seeing them as the past. I'm still deciding what I want to be when I grow up. I always used to say, "If you don't know where you're going you'll sure as hell get there". Well, I know where I want to go it's just sometimes I change paths. I'm kind of travelling along the winding country road through life. I have the destination, I'm just taking the scenic route.

It can be hard to reinvent yourself and market your work in a new direction. Also to let go of previous work and the income it provides. But change is good and is what makes you wake up with a smile. I see the future as bright and shiny.

I haven't shot anything this week because I've been obsessing over this LiveBooks site and what images to include. I've really only just now finished the Things section. The other two sections I'm not thrilled with and will change, and come to think of will probably change some of the Things gallery I just completed. In going through various groups of past images I have actually found several forgotten about images I like. Here's a few:


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
Have you considered working with a portfolio review expert? I have done it and found it incredibly helpful, offering me insights into the creative thread that runs through all my images that I could not see so clearly myself.
I know many of our liveBooks clients use these professionals. Some are even accustomed to going into the liveBooks editSuite and creating new portfolio edits from your libraries, then discussing it with you over the phone.
Some reps I trust:
Allegra Wilde>
Amanda Sosa Stone>
Leslie Burns del-Aqua>
Carolyn Potts>
Ian Summers>
Louisa Curtis>
Rhonie Epstein>
Susan Baraz>"

Congratulations on your new site, hope my idea was a contribution.

-Michael Costuros
Founder, liveBooks Inc.

Randy Santos said...


Thank you for your comments!

I know this is something I should consider. In fact being a part of APA/DC I have recommended this to others but have not taken my own advice. Actually I know Louisa, Suzanne, and Amanda. Wonderful people and very good at what they do. I like each of them very much. I have seen first hand how they have helped other photographers. Your suggestions has motivated me - thank you.

LiveBooks is a well thought out and executed platform for this very process. An interface that is easy to understand and quick to work with. Your support team is very good as well.

BTW- part of my responsibility as an APA/DC Board Member is sponsorship of our events. Livebooks has always been a great supporter of APA/DC. We all thank you for that.

Send me an e-mail sometime and I can tell you more of what we are doing,

Thanks again!!!

David Sanros said...

After a public outcry you came through with solid a new post!

One thing, I thought that STOP sign was actually a HARD sign? All part of the changes I suppose. At least you didn't change it to SOFT.

Randy Santos said...

Dave- your powers of observation are very strong. This is the original image, I changed the Stop Sign to read "Hard" for a CD cover. You're thinking of the CD cover.

Anonymous said...

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