Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Taking the Lensbaby for a stroll

Yesterday Val decided we should do something. It was afterall in the mid 50's so we loaded up the truck and headed to Baltimore for a nice family walk around the Inner Harbor. Ordinarily I would bring a Leica for such excursions but for me nowadays film is a hassle. I have a box accross the room with unprocessed rolls of 35mm and 120 crying out to be processed and scanned. My middle son Jay is in a wheelchair so it's a little tough pushing that, lugging a bag full of heavy Canon L Lenses, and enjoying myself.

S0, I just brought a Canon 5D with a Lensbaby . If you don't know what a Lensbaby is check the link, you might like it. Yes, I know the effect is overdone and all that but I never claimed to be above cheap gimmickery to force my art upon the masses. And besides, I like the effect. Sometimes it's good to change your perspective a bit and view the world through a different lens. Here are a few images from yesterday. BTW- other than passing through Lightroom, a sepia effect on a few, these are basically straight from the camera, no additional trickery.

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