Friday, February 15, 2008

We had such good times together

Polaroid quits the instant film business.

Even though I haven't actually used Polaroid film in years it's sad to hear this news. Some of my earliest memories are of pulling Polaroids apart and seeing instant photos. It was like magic, my first real exposure to photography. Up until just a few years ago I would go through boxes of 645 (? I forget the film type now) on shoots. I went through a phase in the 80's of doing image transfer onto watercolor paper and loved it. Anyone remember that trend? I also went through another phase of taking the sx-70 type film, squishing and moving the emulsion around with a little spoon or something while the image processed. I did that alot, it was great fun, But, like most things I do, I over did it, then tired of it.

Here are a few old images with the sx-70 type film I fooled around with while on a shoot in the Greek Islands in 93 (?). I have stacks of these somewhere, these are just a few I could find and scan quickly.

An old photographers joke: What do Eskimos get from sitting on the ice to long?
- Polaroids.


Al Romas said...

I dig your stuff man.

Randy Santos said...

Al- that is one stylin' portrait you got there, I only wish I could chill with such effortless panache. You make it look so easy. How do you do it!? A man and his beast, and his chardonnay.

Randy Santos said...

I should include on my Blog a link to Al's Road Diary:
I don't always know what Al is talking about but I know it's funny.

Al is the real deal, road tested, no gimmicks, out there doing it 24/7 in Comedy Hell.

Renee said...


How could I be bored with you!
Love the Greek photos, makes me want to go there.
So sad about polaroid. Everybody has a soft spot for them. I just shot some 4x5 polaroid with a film job 2 weeks ago. I sold my SX70 camera to somebody in China.
Hope to see you next week.