Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Year

Just got back from a shoot in Wisconsin. Yes, I know it's February. The shoot was a corporate gig, on location headshots of execs. Good job, great people, but unfortunately didn't have an opportunity to shoot anything creative on my own that I would share here.

I will however share something I bookmarked long ago and just this morning re-read. It's a bit long but definitely worth skimming through. I think it's brilliant and can relate to many points outlined. GapingVoid: How to be Creative

For me personally, February is the toughest month to keep the creative fire burning. I am ready for Spring, everything is fresh and reborn, anything is possible. I am the caterpillar, transmorphing in the chrysalis ready to emerge as a thing of wonder and beauty.

Happy Leap Year!

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