Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Art is Wherever You Are

Last week I went to Nationals Stadium to shoot images of stadium seating for a seating manufacturer. Pretty exciting, huh? Well, for me it is! The normal person probably walks into an empty stadium and sees lots of empty seats, but, for better or worse, I am far from normal. As I Walk the Earth, even when not photographing, I see the world around me in terms of shape, color, patterns, composition, and light. I have always seen this. I suppose it’s what has enabled me to become a good photographer. I already see images, the camera is just my tool to capture what I see. I see beauty and art in everything around me As I Walk the Earth, even in stadium seating.
(click any image to see larger, they look better bigger)

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Keith Barraclough said...

I LOVE these photos!!
Kind of reminds me of Margaret Bourke-White and her industrial shots