Thursday, July 3, 2008

Walking the Earth takes it's Toll

Just got back in from a relaxing Milk and Honey Pedicure with Sugar Scrub and Extended Foot Massage with Creme Butter that my ever loving wife Valerie treated me to. Since I’ve taken so much time off work I literally have not worn a pair of shoes, other than flip-flops, the past two months as I have Walked the Earth. Whereas in my mind I still maintain the presence and vitality of a virile 20 year old, I fully realize my feet are that of a 90 year old Tibetan Sherpa.

It fell upon the lovely Tracy, this wonderful sweet girl, to disinfect, scrape and scrub my decrepit feet back into something resembling those of a civilized man living in the 21st Century. She got out all her tools including what looked like wire cutters and I swear she put two pairs of gloves on. The foot massage was the best, she has her technique down, she don't be tickling or nothing. I like her and the job she did so much I’m making an appointment next week for the Banana Daiquiri and Nitrous Facial. Thanks Tracy!

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Al Romas said...

Oh Tracy, you poor thing!