Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gettin' my Groove back on

Happy Man on the Steps of du Sacre Coeur - Paris

I’m finally regaining my normal sense of blind optimism. I look around and see all things good and think of the future as bright and shiny. If I may suggest, DON”T watch TV news. I just don’t buy into this sensationalized TV News driven doom and gloom/economic crash/wwIII/collapse of society/end of the world scenario presented nightly. I really believe that people being hammered repeatedly with fear and anxiety towards the future perpetuates a self fulfilling prophecy. Things get tough from time to time, and I certainly face my own challenges, but only you create your own future. The future is good if you choose it to be.


Al Romas said...

I believe people should just get hammered repeatedly.

Randy Santos said...

Al- your words are wise. I know you speak from many years of experience.