Friday, July 18, 2008

Crabs in Baltimore

Went out Wednesday night with my brothers Chris, David, and my son Brady to our favorite crabhouse, Bill’s Terrace Inn. Bill’s is a classic real downhome crabhouse, the best in all of Baltimore. We’ve been going there for many years, I don’t know how he does it but Steve, the owner (seated at the bar below), always has the biggest and best crabs anywhere. We ordered our usual line-up, cream of crab soup ( I passed since I’m on a health kick to regain my girlish figure), super jumbo spiced shrimp steamed w/valdalia onion, and the big mutha crabs. The crabs were great, Huge and Heavy. The crab pictured below was my first of the batch and then opened to show how packed it was with Prime Grade A Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab Jumbo Lump Backfin Goodness.
When we arrived the evening light was so perfectly beautiful I couldn’t resist a few photos in the parking lot. Waiting for the crabs I took a few around the inside to capture the ambience. Who doesn’t love a good Salty Sea Captain at the Wheel with pipe/Stormy Sky/Ship in Rough Seas painting? But, when the crabs arrive picture playtime is over, all conversation stops, and we get to the important serious business of consuming mass quantities of huge crabs with lots of Old Bay and vinegar. Jupiter is so prominent in the southern early evening sky this month, even clearly visible from a Baltimore parking lot as shown with Brady above. (click on any image to see larger)


Keith Barraclough said...

Don't you just LOVE taking the G-9 to restaurants? So easy and inconspicuous.

Great Shots!!

Randy Santos said...

Thanks Keith- I have you to thank for turning me on to the G-9. Whereas this is a great camera that I love using, the only dissapointment is the noise at 1600. In all the excitement prior to eating crabs it kind of slipped my mind and I shot everything indoors at 1600. Unfortunately the high noise renders many "unuseable".