Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Speaking of Sensationalized News . . .

I will admit, I used to love reading the Weekly World News. In fact I used to have some of the covers hanging in my studio. Covers like, “Elvis to Perform at SuperBowl XXII” and “Jesse Jackson’s Love Child Born with Two Heads”. And who can forget the zany antics of the freakish yet adorably lovable BatBoy?
Going through the contents of an older hard drive I came across the above scan that I had completely forgotten about. In addition to licensing images myself, I have many out there in circulation through agencies (rights managed of course - MicroStock is the Devil but that’s another subject). My images are published but I never see their application, just receive statements regarding their use. So you can imagine the thrill when to our shock and amazement my son Brady opens up The Weekly World News while checking out at Safeway to one of my images, full page. I've had countless images published, but for me professionally nothings conveys a greater sense of validation or personal fulfillment than having an image placed prominently in The Weekly World News-”The World”s Only Reliable Newspaper”.

I for one felt a great sense of relief when those “dangerous insect-harboring beehive haircuts went out of style”. Frankly I am shocked that in this modern day and age people “have ignored the warnings” and “have chosen style over safety”. Another item to keep you up at night tuned into 24 hour sensationalized doom and gloom/economic crash/wwIII/collapse of society/end of the world TV News, a two-kilometre-wide asteroid that could be on a collision course with Earth. BTW- the model for the shot above is The Lovely Linda Parker, Stylist was Kimberly Searle. Click on the image and read the full riveting story,

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