Saturday, January 5, 2008

First Post

For about four years now I have been sending out e-mail "Postcards" once a week or so to just about everyone I know. This list consists of friends, family, clients, and others that I have met around the world. Basically my little postcards are small images of where I've been that week or from a project I am working on. Many are just my observations of the world around me as I Walk the Earth. I truly enjoy sharing my work with others and sharing my work further motivates me to constantly create.

This Blog is just an extension of my desire to share my work and to constantly remain creative and productive.

Just to get this going and fill some space I'll go back and pull a few past Postcards and post here. I have hundreds so it's hard to just choose a few but I'll pick a few I like:


Unknown said...

Randy, The blog looks great. Glad to hear you are slowly getting back to work....wouldn't want to see you moving fast!

Randy Santos said...

Renee! - You are my first comment! You never forget your first . . . umm . . comment. Thanks!