Friday, June 20, 2008

Pot of Gold

The passing of my Father from this Earth hit me a little harder than expected. I have been Walking the Earth but with my head down low. I planned to take a break from all things work related until July to get my head screwed back on straight. Some time has passed now and I am feeling my obsessive creative urge return, gurgling up inside me (either that or it's the contaminated water I drank Tuesday).Yesterday we had a freakish sudden cloudburst, but it was sunny and beautiful. Three minutes of intense hard rain in the bright sunshine. A perfect arc rainbow stretched accross my entire side yard and right over my truck. I searched for the Pot of Gold thinking perhaps one was left so I might buy a tank of gas and go to the beach. But, I realize the Pot of Gold exists right inside my head as I Walk the Earth as illustrated in this quote from a previous post.

"If, by some strange convergence of the force, you have been able to combine your creative talents with a level of business acumen necessary to sustain it, do not forget about that creativity. That tap is a well from which you can always draw. Yet, to leave those well waters stagnant, is to neglect your sustaining abilities. The more you draw from that well, the more clear, and refreshing it will be. If you neglect to think yourself, and use other people's ideas for great imagery, giving them utterance only, you will fall far short of your own abilities, and what you are capable of."
~adapted from George Augustus Sala (1828 - 1895), Journalist

Also, thanks to Mark Ippolito with Digital Railroad for again featuring me in their Blog. View Blog here. I greatly appreciate his insight and understanding in that my work should be constantly blatantly promoted to achieve complete and total world domination.

See you in July!