Friday, May 29, 2009

Postcard from this Week

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If I have to explain . . .

Depending on your perspective (mine or Val's) I did something either completely and utterly impractical or exercised good sound judgement and did something that made perfect, well thought out, solid common sense. I bought a 1979 Camaro. Not just any 1979 Camaro, I got lucky, this beauty has only 54k miles, all original and absolutely tip top. I had my new friends at Fleming's Ultimate Garage build out the beautiful 350 small block up to around 325hp. New high-performance camshaft, 675cfm Holley Carb, Edelbrock Intake Manifold, Performance Shift Kit, Ceremic Long Tube Hooker Headers into true custom dual exhaust straight out the back, and more. Take the T-Tops off, hit the gas, it's a complete bad-ass, a blast to drive. Nothing beats the sweet rumble of hopped up genuine American made v-8 muscle. If you understand what I'm talking about then there's no need to explain further.