Monday, February 12, 2018

" Wet Plate " Series

Smithsonian Institution Bldg ( The Castle )  /  Washington DC

 I updated my NIK Software and discovered it added a new effect - Wet Plate.  Ive always loved the look of Wet Plate or Collodion Process Images but just never made the effort to pursue it.  Even though I basically still have all the 4x5 equipment /ect - I spent many many years with a full blown Film Processing and Print Darkroom - Have sold off much of that equipment and am pretty sure my sticking my hands in chemicals days or over.  I've noticed that many Designers selecting Images for Corporate or Hospitality Interior Design Projects have been choosing stylized Black and White Images for Install.  So I've been fooling around with this effect and created a Wet Plate Series of Washington DC Images that you may see in the link below - but who knows - maybe someday I'll get around to trying the real thing