Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Shopping Dining Downtown Washington DC

In a previous Post I mentioned providing stock images for various client's marketing needs regarding the economic growth and impending further development of Northern Virginia.  Lately I have also been doing the same for Downtown Washington DC - in particular the 12th & F St area all the way down to 7th & F St and the Verizon Center Area.  I have many memories of this area - especially the old 9:30 Club at 930 F St - and boy has this area changed dramatically since those days.  This area of NW Washington DC now become high end shopping and dining and my images are being used to promote the available commercial space in this area to attract further retail, corporate,  and commercial interest.  I've really just only started this gallery - but I understood from clients there was a need for this imagery and one thing I have learned in business is to find a need and fill it. Here's a link to a Gallery of Images of what I've shot so far in two afternoons - Downtown Washington DC Shopping and Dining

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