Friday, November 21, 2008

Saturday Morning . . .

. . . Walking the Earth and feeling the Love with my little G-9. Art is everywhere, all around us, everyday. It makes my head spin. This past week I've seen two friends with the new Canon G-10. Looks great but I'll stick with my trusty little G-9 buddy, he's like part of our family now. I've never been a latest and greatest gear type anyway, my best tools are my eyes and hyperactive brain. This little beauty has done too good a job grabbing images of the way I see the World around me. I hope my little random images inspire some out there to slow down , open their eyes, and see . (click images to enlarge)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Saturday Morning . . .

. . . actually, last Saturday morning. I'm so behind in processing images. I shoot so many images I can't catch up. I see so many wonderful things around me, all the time. I'm like the crazy hoarder lady who used to live down the street from you. I sit here with stacks of digital image files piled around me. (click images to enlarge)
With my little Canon g-9 As I Walk the Earth

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another Stroll through Georgetown

Yet another in a series of pre-meeting strolls through Georgetown, Walking the Earth with my little Canon G-9. The Center for Digital Imaging Arts was kind enough to allow us space for our APA/DC meeting. I like the whole vibe at CDIA. They are encouraging professional photographers to participate in teaching, speaking, and in general taking part in their programs/curriculum. This is a good thing. I would encourage any professional interested to participate in sharing your knowledge and experience with students. Everyone benefits! Here are a few from my little stroll. (click images to enlarge)