Monday, April 30, 2012

Washington DC Stock Photography Licensing

Here's another example of licensing my Washington DC Photography for various media applications.  NBC licensed the above image for use as the opening page for NBC4 Washington's Mobile Phone App - I also licensed another image for their iPad App.  Another interesting use I have licensed Washington DC Images to NBC for was prints included in the set design for a few of their TV Series Productions. There's a whole world of opportunity in licensing images - many you might never have thought of - you just have to get your work out there and available to be found by buyers.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Stock Images are Wherever You Are

I always say, " Beauty is all around us, Art is Wherever you are".  The same can be said for creating marketable stock photography.  Images are everywhere - you just have to look around.  I recently came upon this cover I licensed an image for a while back.  This was shot on vacation, and for me yet another random architectural detail type image that I obsessively create and add to my collection of stock photography.  But - to this savvy art director - the perfect image they were seeking for their cover.  You can see many more similar images in my Eastern Shore Virginia Gallery - all shot on vacation btw.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Washington DC Photography Licensing

I am fortunate to have images from my Collection of Washington DC Stock Photography licensed for use in such a diverse range of Print and Electronic Media.  Many times this use includes licensing images to publishers for best selling authors book covers.  Here's one I've just seen the final layout on - John Gilstrap's new book - Damage Control - due out in June from Pinnacle Books.