Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saturday Morning . . .

. . . Walking the Earth with my Canon G-9, whistling a happy tune, sticking to the sunny side of the street. (click images to enlarge)

Haven't paid much attention to my little blog thingy lately and have missed it. Been to busy dog paddling in shallow economic waters. But, Spring is on the way, soon we'll all be back to the deep end, lining up for the high-dive once again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Washington DC Architecture

I love the architectural details of Washington DC buildings and am constantly shooting more images than I can deal with and adding to my collection of Washington DC images. Had a nice little shoot last week at 12th and Constitution and afterwards took advantage of the wonderful gloomy weather to shoot some images of patterns and shapes that make me feel happy inside. Bad weather makes good images. I love the soft effect of dreary overcast light on interesting architectural details. Here are just a few from my stroll around the block. See a little gallery of all the images shot here: Gallery of New Washington DC Architectural Images.
(click images to enlarge) All images are either of the Old Post Office Pavillion or the EPA Building. You can always view my main gallery of DC architecture on dcstockimages.com here: Washington DC Architecture

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Drinks at Mink's

Very few things in this world lift your spirits like walking into some random bar, downing a few shots, grabbing a guitar, and Rocking the House. That's just what Jimmy and I did the other night. On the way back from our friend Chris's Mother's Wake in Hagerstown, feeling a little down, Jimmy (my brother-in-law/attorney) wisely advised we stop in a bar we passed, Mink's Tavern, and have a beer or three. Having never steered me wrong regarding such matters, I have learned to listen closely to my attorney's wise and just counsel. Lucky for us it was open mic night so a few beers/shots later we were spewing forth our brand of entertainment to a cool and appreciative crowd. It was my kind of crowd, a good mix of down home hard partying folks. We walked in feeling low and walked out (several hours later) feeling high. Mink's gets five stars in my guidebook.
Thanks to Roger Ratliff for hosting the open mic and letting us abuse his equipment.
All photos by Roger Ratliff.