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Chicken IS always Good

iPhone with Hipstamatic
Stumbled across this sign while Walking the Earth in Washington DC.  I love Cooking Chicken so many ways - I have witnessed grown men weep joyous tears when eating chicken cooked in my magic La Caja China.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Connecticut Ave, NW  Washington DC   iPhone

Haven't posted here much in quite a while - mainly because I woke up one morning and my trusty little G-9 had died in it's sleep.  It was a sad day.  I replaced it with a new G11 - but for whatever reason never felt the Love with it as I had for the G9.  It could also be that a new girl had come to town - my sexy little iPhone Camera.  It has now become my #1 favorite Camera - because I always have it with me.  Take a look at piece on the PhotoShelter Blog.  I have certainly been Walking the Earth and taking Photos - that's what I do - But been sharing the images on Facebook- but am now bored with it  - and realize that by now everyone has probably hidden me anyway because they're tired of seeing my images everyday.  Like all obsessive artists I need an outlet for creative expression - so I'm back to this little Blog